DeaDBeeF for Windows


DeaDBeeF for Windows is a port of DeaDBeeF music player.


Supported formats:

Misc features:

Other technical information:

Missing features (compared to DeaDBeeF on linux)


Windows 7

DeaDBeeF on Windows 7

Windows 10

DeaDBeeF on Windows 10


All releases posted here are for 64-bit system (x86_64). Binaries are designed to work on Windows 7/8/10.
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GTK2 + GTK3 (zip/portable)

GTK2 + GTK3 (installer)


If you would like to compile DeaDBeeF for Windows from source or contribute please head to DeaDBeeF for Windows github page. We also have channel on DeaDBeeF's slack. Look up DeaDBeeF's README if you want to join.